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“The most admirable quality she (Amanda Green Alexander) has is her ability to adapt to changing situations and her determination to be successful.”

What Matters to Alexander Law, P.A.


Our litigators’ leadership in the Mississippi Bar and continuous involvement in our current and hometown communities provide our clients with an advantage of an established and proven reputation in the field. As a result, we are familiar with jurisdictions throughout the state, and the members of the bar and bench, which provides our clients with a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the diverse backgrounds in each venue.


Cases require prompt assessment of liability, a plan of action, and continual client contact to achieve the best results within an established timeline and budget to fit the needs of the client. Thus, we are constantly exploring new and innovative technology to accomplish these goals for our clients.


Alexander Law, P.A. is experienced in making realistic assessments of the requirements to appropriately investigate a claim, determine a course of action, develop a defense, and implement that defense through discovery, motion practice, alternative dispute resolution, and ultimately trial where required.


Alexander Law, P.A. produces efficient and cost effective results in representing our clients whether with a single legal matter or large volume legal matters, regardless of complexity. Our goal is simple partner with our clients in making the best decisions to protect their immediate and long-term interests. Alexander Law, P.A. recognizes the needs of our clients and provides them with quality service, accessibility, versatility, cost-effectiveness and accountability.


While our principle location is in central Mississippi, our attorneys are located throughout the state with hometowns from the Delta, North, East, West and down to our lovely Gulf Coast. In addition to our strong leadership within the community, we have developed relationships within the bench and bar as we practice in administrative, state, trial and appellate matters in the state of Mississippi, including both northern and southern federal courts and appellate court. These relationships are proven assets in the continual effective representation of our clients.

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